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How to embed web page into Facebook tab

You can put your website within a Facebook tab app, so you have the same content on Facebook and on your website.

You need to have installed an application to create tabs on Facebook: Create tab in Facebook

NOTE: Requires that the web is secure SSL (start by HTTPS:). Browsers (Firefox/Chrome/IExplorer) block unsafe pages within safe as Facebook.

Once you have installed the app, to configure your Facebook tab, the easiest way is to load a "preset" that automatically inserts your website. If you have your Facebook page set up your Web site, you will not have to do anything else. To see the result click on "Test tab".

The width limit established by Facebook for eyelashes is 810 pixels, this limit can not be exceeded in any way. Typically, Web pages have a larger size and will not fit in the tab. You can adjust the size with the "zoom" option.

The option that controls how your site is displayed is "Web URL", you can set it as your Web shows:

  • Height: If your page is too long you can change this value to leave no "scroll"  and see your entire Web.
  • Zoom: Most Web are larger than 810px limit Facebook, zooming to make your Web smallest and whole, is a percentage, try different values ​​until it is to your liking.
  • Scroll: If you want to see the scroll bar.
  • Position: The place in the block template.
  • Block: The templates are divided into blocks, block of the template in which you want to place your Web.






Use this button to add the app to your fan page:

It's Free! no time limit.
Create tab app

See an example:
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