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Guide to creating Facebook promos and sweepstakes

With a simple Facebook tab application, you can create contests, deals and promotions on your Facebook fan page. This a guide to easily create promotions on your Facebook fan page. Easy sweepstakes and promos on Facebook.

You need to have installed an application (TeleMakingWeb) to create tabs on Facebook: Create tab in Facebook.

Go to the homepage of your Facebook page as shown in picture 1, and click on the tab you created.

You will see the tab in edit mode, all those options  are hidden from other users, to the right you will see a list of "Presets" (a kind of application templates) as shown in picture 2. Click on "Load preset" titled "Create promotions".

The first thing you will notice is that the data you have will be overwritten each time you load a preset is cleared above (TeleMakingWeb app has options to make backups.) Next, as shown in figure 3, will ask if you want it to be necessary to click on "like" to participate, make your choice and click on "Ok". The button "Ok" is repeated in almost all forms, serves to confirm the changes, do not forget to give "OK" after making changes.

The picture 4 shows the form you have to fill in to create promotion, is very easy, these are the boxes:

  • Active: Allows you to create your promotion without being visible to users, make sure all details are correct before activating it.
  • End date: The date on which the promotion expires or until it is possible to participate, the dates are GMT.
  • Winners: Winners or zero if you want to manually. The system automatically selects the number of winners you want.
  • Title: A descriptive title of the promotion, such as "Giving away 3 products ..."
  • Image URL: Image that has to do with the promotion. Click on "Upload Files", upload your photo and click to select as shown in figure 5.
  • Privacy & Terms: Write the legal conditions of the promotion.

Remember to save the changes you have to click on the "Ok", do it and if no form is more, (if complete it) and you will see how it looks promotion.

If you have not activated the promotion, will be necessary to do so, or maybe you need to make a change, moves the mouse over the promotion and see some buttons that appear, in this case click on "Edit promotion" as shown in picture 6.

Reappears promotion form, make the necessary changes and / or active promotion in the "Active" set it to "Yes". Remember to click on "OK" when finished making changes.

There are more advanced options that you can see by clicking on "More Options" (Picture 7). One is to enable the sending of email with which you receive in your email a message every time someone participates in the promotion. This information will be used to check the validity of the participant or to send him messages in the future with new developments.

Other options:

  • Minimum votes: The minimum number of votes to enter the draw, may be zero, users will need to invite your friends to get the necessary votes. No wins more votes have, but it is a random draw among those arriving minimum number of votes and fulfill the other requirements, comments, photo... though you can manually make a contest for the winner to be the most voted not recommend it at all, you will encounter many problems detecting fake votes, but if it's a random draw, it is virtually impossible to cheat.
  • Show winner: If you want to end the promotion, display the winners, if you want to draw by other means or manually, select "No".
  • Maximum: Maximum number of users who can participate, to make it more interesting you can put a maximum number of participants, or no limit.

When finished creating your promotion NOT FORGET TO SHARE AND promote it on YOUR WALL! In the picture 8 you can see the two buttons that help you in this task, the "Meta" button to set as shared on Facebook and the "Promotes" with different ways to share your promotion.


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