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How to create tabs for Facebook pages

Step by step explanation of how to create tabs on your Facebook Fan page for easy, fast, free, and compatible with the new Timeline 2012/2013 for Fan Pages, add new tab in Facebook page:

  • 1 Go to the TeleMakingWeb app and click on "Add page tab"
  • 2 Select the page you want to add the tab. If you do not have one you can create one here.
  • 3 Choose the icon for your tab.
  • 4 According to the utility you want to give it loads the corresponding preset.

Important: If your browser is checked "block third-party cookies" you may not see your tab as administrator.

You can put images, videos, animations, games and more, and different configurations depending on the user is a fan of the page or not. The application has a free version.

If you are Community Managers, a Social Media business, or manage many pages of Facebook, we have a: white label app

What is TeleMakingWeb app

With TeleMakingWeb app can add tabs on your Facebook fan page. The tabs can contain pictures, videos or links to sites. One advantage of our system is that we use IFRAME Facebook Tab (FBML before that in 2012 disappears).


  • Open Graph protocol. Share your tab with Open Graph protocol.
  • Tab and Web. Available outside Facebook. This allows the content to others users, or other social networks, it is also an advantage SEO.
  • Multi language. Translate the content into more than 70 languages.
  • Create pages and menus. You can create a structure complete with different Web pages and menus.
  • Condicional content. Create pages for fans only, for a particular country, by age or available only on specific dates.
  • Insert website. You can insert your website occupying entire Tab app, and not only that, thanks to the 'zoom' option, you can insert a website in any part of the template. Even insert multiple Webs on the same page.
  • Slideshow. Besides being able to insert images, you can create slideshows.
  • No programing. No knowledge of programming languages.
  • Upload files. In addition to images you can upload other file types like pdfs, etc.
  • Videos. To add a video, simply type the URL.
  • Text/HTML. It is available plain text or HTML format.
  • Templates. Different templates for the design.
  • Presets. For backup or exchange, use your own presets or those of third parties.
  • Social plugins. Facebook, Twitter, G+, ...
  • Use your own tab/canvas/web app.
  • Promotions, contests, weepstakes, gifts...
  • And more...

Add more than one tab to your Facebook page

If you put two or more tabs, you must install them as separate applications:

Free version

Virtually all the app options are available for free with no time limit. The free version includes discreetly TeleMakingWeb logo and a sponsor. This is the main difference with the paid version.


Use this button to add the app to your fan page:

It's Free! no time limit.
Create tab app

See an example:
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