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Create simple Online Store free

Explanation of how to create an online store accessible from the Web, mobile devices and as a Facebook app.

You need to have installed an application (TeleMakingWeb) to create tabs on Facebook: Create tab in Facebook.

After installing the app:

  1. Load preset "Online Store". (See image 1).
  2. Put your PayPal email . You need to have a PayPal account . (See image 2).
  3. Moving the mouse over the items, text images, etc. a button to edit the item appears, edit or delete it adds to your liking. You can also change the design with the "Template" button or menu name. (See image 3).
  4. The "Blocks" button allows you to see the places where the you can put things. Move the mouse over the "Minicart" or product and click on "Edit Minicart" button. (See image 4).
  5. Enter the name, price,product description, select "Upload files" if you want to add an image from your computer, or " Facebook photos" to put one of your wall. (See image 5).
  6. You can add more products, go to the last and by passing the cursor over "Position" menu, options will appear, select "PayPal Minicart " and a form as explained in section 5 appears. (See image 6).
  7. You can also add more categories or pages, on " Position" menu appears , select "Add new page" . (See image 7) . Then a form with options page you want to create, select "Copying all content" and "Add", in this way you will create a copy of the page, make the changes that need. (See image 8).
  8. If you want to delete a whole page you have two options, permanently deleting it or just turn it off. To delete click on the "Pages" button, a form will appear, and at the bottom, select the page you want to delete (Remove page:) and then click "Remove". To turn off a page click on "Conditions", in the "Only admin" indicates that only administrators can view the page.


Use this button to add the app to your fan page:

It's Free! no time limit.
Create tab app

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