Facebook apps for business

Create a white-label Facebook tab app

How to create a white-label app on Facebook, using the application of TeleMakingWeb.

This information is for advanced users who know how to create a Facebook application.

Before installing this version, please contact us.

  1. Go developers.facebook.com/apps and click "Create new app"
  2. Enter the name you want for your app and the name space. (Both are required)
  3. In basic configuration: (see image below)
  • App Domains: app.telemw.com
  • Website with Facebook Login, Site URL: http://app.telemw.com/20/[YOUR-APP-ID]/
  • Canvas URL: http://app.telemw.com/20/[YOUR-APP-ID]/
  • Secure Canvas URL: https://app.telemw.com/20/[YOUR-APP-ID]/
  • Canvas Width: Fluid
  • Canvas Height: Fluid
  • Page Tab URL: http://app.telemw.com/20/[YOUR-APP-ID]/
  • Secure Page Tab URL: https://app.telemw.com/20/[YOUR-APP-ID]/
  • Page Tab Edit URL: http://app.telemw.com/20/[YOUR-APP-ID]/
  • Page Tab Width: Normal (810px)

Finely visit http://apps.facebook.com/[YOUR-APP-ID]/ fill in the form and accept the permissions for your app.

Use this button to add the app to your fan page:

It's Free! no time limit.
Create tab app

See an example:
Facebook apps